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5th Annual Salute to Armed Forces Golf Tournament

5/22/2017 (Permalink)

Come golf and support the troops, November 3rd

Every year we are honored and humbled to support the troops with our charity golf tournament. We look to surpass our goal of 20,000 dollars, that we raised last year. 

All the money we raise goes to the Southern Nevada Red Cross, they use that money to help the local veterans, with housing, medical, food and anything else the veterans need. 

Come out and show your support November, 3rd at the Revere Golf Club

#1 Commanding General / Admiral (1) (Title Sponsor)                                                   $5,000 (8 player spots w / title recognition, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#2 Reveille Registration Sponsor (Breakfast)(1)                                                            $2,500 (4 player spots w/ sponsor signage on tables Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#3 Top-Guns (Longest Drive (1)/Closest Pin)(1)                                                            $2,500 (4 player spots w/ sponsor signage, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#4 Shields for our Soldiers (Gift Bag Sponsor) (1)                                                            $2,000 (2 player spots w/ Corp. logo on gift bags, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#5 Mess Hall Heroes (Lunch Sponsor) (1)                                                                           $2,500 (4 player spots w/ sponsor signage on tables, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#6 Heroes Helpers (Golf Ball Sponsor)(1)                                                                           $1,500  (Sponsor logos on golf balls, Sponsor recognition throughout tournament) 

#7 Humvees for our Heroes {Golf Cart Sponsor)(1)                                              $1,500 (2 player spots w/ signage on all players golf carts, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#8 Corporal Canteens {Beverage Cart Sponsor)(2)                                              $1,000 (Sponsor signage on refreshment cart , golf cart to ride behind refreshment cart, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#9 Strike Package (Putting Contest Sponsor)(1)                                                             $1,500 (4 player spots w/signage on putting green, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#10 Bucks for Battlers (Awards Sponsor)                                                                           $1,200 (Sponsor signage at awards table, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#11 Combat Collaborator (Photo Sponsor) (1)                                                                   $1,000 (Sponsor logo on event photos, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#12 Rangers of Raffle                              $1,500 (Sponsor signage at raffle prize table & registration table, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#13 Holes for Heroes–(Full Hole Sponsor)                                                                              $500 (Tee Box Signage, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#14 Sponsor a Wounded Hero/Combat Veteran                                                       $100

(1 MILITARY player spot w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

#15 Foursomes of Fortune                         $400 (4 MILITARY player spots w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

#16 Trio of Troops                                      $300 (3 MILITARY players spot w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

#17 Tactical Twosome                                $200 (2 MILITARY players spot w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

#18 Army of One                                         $125 (1 CIVILIAN player spot w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

#19 Army of Four                                        $500 (4 CIVILIAN player spots w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

Contact Dawn Kyles for your reservation 

(702) 564-8508

Holiday Travel Tips

11/29/2016 (Permalink)

Holiday Travel Tips

Everyone knows leaving for the holidays can be stressful and demanding. We at Servpo of Henderson/Boulder City are in the business to help. So here is our list of must do’s to help make sure your holidays remain a happy one.

1. Turn off your water. A leak or even a broken supply line could happen at any moment. No better way to prevent coming home to a flood than shutting it off at the source.

2. Unplug electronics. The most common house fires are caused by faulty outlets or outdated appliances. Be sure to make sure you are using the correct amount of wattage light bulbs in your fixtures, as they are also a fire hazard.

3. Alert your neighbors of your travels. Take comfort in knowing someone is in close proximity in case disaster strikes

4. Don’t share your plans on social media. Even if you use the highest of privacy settings, things can easily be shared, and you have no idea who is looking. Same goes for posting photos while on a trip. Send a text or direct message and save the rest for when you get home.

This September: Pledge to Prepare.

8/31/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City  is joining the Ready Campaign, founded to increase preparedness throughout all communities in the U.S., and taking an active role in helping our Southern Nevada and Southern Utah Communities prepare for emergencies.

Being prepared means staying informed, knowing how to get information and alerts from local state, tribal, and territorial emergency management agencies, and understanding the specific risks in your community and preparing against them. Meet with community resources such as Citizen Corps and first responders to coordinate planning in your community.  

We're taking steps as an organization to become better prepared and informed, and we urge you to take time to do the same at home and in our community.

Want more information on Disaster Preparedness? Call us at 702-564-8508 for your FREE Emergency Response Profile (ERP) assessment. We are ALWAYS ready to HELP.


SERVPRO of Southeast Nevada Trainership was honored by The American Red Cross with the Community Philanthropic Circle Platinum Level Award

7/3/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Southeast Nevada at the American Red Cross Donor/Volunteer Awards Gala where SERVPRO of Southeast Nevada Trainership was honored with the Community Philanthropic Circle Platinum Level Award for their on going support of the American Red Cross!!! Such an honor to receive!


1/26/2015 (Permalink)

SERVPRO OF SOUTHEAST NEVADA Owners, Kevin & Robert Edgar, along with Executive Administrator, Dawn Kyles presenting the $20,000.00 check!

November 6, 2014 SERVPRO of Southeast Nevada Trainership's family of Franchises came together at the beautiful Badlands Golf Club Course to participate with fellow industry associates in the 2nd annual AMERICAN RED CROSS, "SERVICE TO THE ARMED FORCES" CHARITY GOLF  CLASSIC.

The tournout was outstanding and together , Franchises in Southern Nevada and Southern Utah raised $20,000.00!

Join us in 2015 in November for our 3rd annual Charity Golf Classic where the goal is to raise $40,000.00!


1/26/2015 (Permalink)

United States Air Force, Master Sergeant, Adam Jessee with SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City Owner, Kevin Edgar

WWA Mission
Our organizations mission is to provide rehabilitative golf experiences and family-inclusive opportunities for wounded war veterans from EVERY conflict in an effort to improve the quality of life for these American heroes. Believing that utilizing the rehabilitation of golf helps improve the mental and physical condition (balance, coordination, muscle memory and stamina) of each and every Wounded Warrior returning from combat. Help support an amazing cause and show these heroes that they are not forgotten.

SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City is proud to sponsor this elite group of Wounded Warriors. To find out more about this great organization and how you can be involved contact us today at 702-564-8508.